Qiangli’s amusement rides in Belgian park

Aug 07,2019 Qiang Li Rides1,092

Qiangli’s amusement rides in Belgian park


Qiangli's carousel ride

We have Belgian Customers who purchased some amusement rides for building their amusement park and Qiangli Company provided them with our professional and complete service before sale and after sale.


Qiangli's ferris wheel

After several months, on 17th, Nov., our Belgian Customers send us some videos and pictures feedback of amusement park rides for sale from Qiangli Factory. Those amusement rides in our Belgian Customers’ amusement park just were finished installing and were conducted to test run.


Qiangli's teacup ride

We can see those rides running well from the videos feedback, such as teacup ride, carousel ride, swing chair, pirate ship ride, swing ride and etc. And the  Belgian Customers said they were very satisfied with our products after testing. We look forward to the further cooperation in the future.

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